Stratford Ecological Center & State Nature Preserve

Can’t decide between taking a hike or visiting a farm? Stratford is your place! Hike the wooded 4-mile trail, hunt for frogs and salamanders in the swamp, interact with farm animals, tend the garden, use an apple press to make cider, and so much more.

Update: Stratford Photography Club is live! It meets the third Thursday of each month, and it’s $10/year to join.

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Geroux Herb Gardens

Gahanna is the “Herb Capital” of Ohio, so it’s only fitting that there’s a sizable herb garden in front of city hall.

It offers brick paths, with an overhead trellis entwined in what seem to be pea vines, and lots of different garden spaces featuring a wide variety of herbs, from culinary to medicinal. A garden shed and brightly-colored benches make playful backdrops for taking portraits, and depending on the time of year, you may find fruits and vegetables ripening as well. While the garden is not that large, it feels a lot bigger due to the variety of areas and plants it has to offer.

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Know before you go

Know what their expectations are, make a plan, and re-set expectations as needed… before the shoot.

One morning, I was packing up gear for a kid shoot. When I started packing, I suddenly realized that I had no idea what kind of pictures they wanted. Should I take my DSLR and my strobes with light stands and umbrellas? My lightweight Fuji for running around after kids? Guess I should take it all, just in case. For some reason, when planning the shoot, it simply didn’t occur to me to ask how many kids there would be, what their ages were, or ask what kind of pictures they were hoping for. A lot of stupid things to forget.

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Midwest Fall 2014 Photo Contest

Midwest’s Fall Photo Contest’s theme is FOOD PHOTOS.

Send us your sizzling steak shots, textured tortillas photos-whatever images of food that inspire you! Food Photography can elicit thoughts of texture, taste and smell-all through one visual image. Show us your images that conjure culinary celebrations. Grand Prize winner will receive a Bowens Gemini 400Rx Lighting Kit. Perfect for lighting any food set-up from menu shots to recipe photos.

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ImageOHIO 15 Submissions


ROY G BIV Gallery for Emerging Artists is now accepting submissions for ImageOHIO 15, a statewide, juried exhibition of the best photographic, video and new media art in Ohio. Juror Benjamin Montague (Assistant Professor in Photography at Wright State University) will select the exhibiting artists. Entries are limited to artists living in Ohio or from Ohio. The selected artists’ work will be exhibited from January 20 – February 20, 2015, at the Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery.

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Walnut Woods

Walnut Woods Metro Park has paved trails pup on a hillthroughout, which makes it very accessible. Little to no  trees overhang the trails, so the shade is minimal. It’s bike and pet friendly. There’s a mountain bike trail as well, but since I didn’t have a bike and my dogs were with me, I didn’t check it out. The park also offers a playground, pavilion, sledding hill, and bathrooms in the buckeye area.

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What’s in Your Backyard?

Looking for photo opportunities? Don’t overlook what’s in your own backyard!

sitting in solitude

Bored one day, I started looking around my neighborhood and surrounding areas on a satellite map. What I didn’t expect to find was a labyrinth. After some searching online, I found the group it belonged to, and learned that they had public visiting hours. I spent a wonderful afternoon wandering the property and taking pictures.

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The beauty of self-assignments

Challenge yourself to something new.

butterfly at windowIf you’ve ever been to Photoshop World, you know that Joe Glyda has a lot of fun with self-assignments—they’re a great way to stretch yourself and do something you might not normally do. One of his that I really enjoyed was when he replaced people’s heads with the front ends of cars, photoshopped such that they really fit, glasses and all. Continue reading The beauty of self-assignments

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