walnut woods trail

Walnut Woods

Walnut Woods Metro Park has paved trails pup on a hillthroughout, which makes it very accessible. Little to no  trees overhang the trails, so the shade is minimal. It’s bike and pet friendly. There’s a mountain bike trail as well, but since I didn’t have a bike and my dogs were with me, I didn’t check it out. The park also offers a playground, pavilion, sledding hill, and bathrooms in the buckeye area.

Walnut Woods mapWalnut woods is divided into two areas: buckeye and tall pines. The Tall Pines area feels like a natural wooded area. The Buckeye Area is more like taking a tour of a slightly overgrown nursery. There is a trail (also paved, as far as I could tell) that connects the two. It was under construction when I visited, but was still  open for use.

swimming dogWant to take pictures of someone running or biking on what looks like a small road? Works great. Shots of someone running with their dogs, or playing with them in the dog park areas? Getting splashed by pups in the pond? Done. According to the website, you can also fish, canoe, and kayak in the creek.

Nature photography: hit or miss. In the wide open green spacetime I was there, I saw and heard some birds.

One of the biggest benefits of this park: the quiet. In the two or three hours I was there, I saw maybe five people.

Buckeye Area
6716 Lithopolis Road
Groveport, OH 43125

Tall Pines Area
6833 Richardson Road
Groveport, OH 43125

Park Hours
6:30 am – dark

Walnut WoodsPark Events

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